Transport Textbook live!

The aformentioned group blog is now set up and ready to go! The address is

To write articles, register at the site (there’s a link on the meta section of the right sidebar) and if you’ve been commenting here I can generally make you a contributor. Otherwise, just drop me an email at

There’s obviously going some teething issues with the blog – so if you see any problems just let me know. Also, I’m keen to hear thoughts on how to organise and present external content (such as Riccardo’s training track series) in the best way possible. The first paragraph-no comments-link idea was a good one, I’ll have to get that worked out in the next few days. Thanks again to Michael Angelico and his brother for their help!




2 Responses

  1. Looks great!

  2. Demonstrating its capability on a pourpous built track at Chullora NSW was the Austrans people mover a nine seaer no driver pod style lightweight vehicle.
    It can move 10,000 people an hour per direction of travel at a normal operating speed of 60 km/h.
    This vehicle can operate with safety on straight track up to 120 km/h

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