I’m off overseas for two weeks today and probably won’t have any internet access. But I’ll be back on the 13th and will be posting on branding, fare structures and goodness knows what else.




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  1. Have a good one and hopefully there be trains where you are. Don’t spend two weeks in the Cook Islands looking for the remains of wharf tramways and hallucinating for the trains that aren’; there!

  2. Thanks Riccardo, wasn’t all that far from the Cook Islands (well a few thousand km away – the same ocean at least). I was camping in northern New Caledonia – no trains sadly but a very enjoyable holiday nonetheless.

  3. Ah, twas 20 years ago I went to Noumea and took the peage down from Tontouta and that was the most fascinating transport thing I could find.

    Were you up in Hienghene? (can’t remember the spelling)

  4. Yep was in Hienghene – we rented a car and drove all the way up the east cost. Really lovely scenery in the mountains and along pretty much the whole east cost, and good camping too (there was no-one else around at that time of year). On the transport side, as much as I love public transport they have got to get their roads in order – they were full of potholes and frequently had whole sides completely washed away. The poor Renault Twingo’s suspension got quite a hammering…

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