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I’ve been sent a couple more links to articles that may be of interest. Firstly, it seems that Oyster Card in London has been hacked, and that similar systems based on the same technology may also be vulnerable. Readers will be heartened to know that Myki (if we ever get it) is not on this list. It probably wouldn’t have cost $1 billion if it were off the shelf though.

Secondly, have a look at this life cycle analysis of new car fuel technologies from MiT. I found it very interesting reading.

Stay tuned for a long post about the economics of electrification after the Easter weekend.


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  1. “Firstly, it seems that Oyster Card in London has been hacked”.

    The Dutch ticketing system also got cracked, on the same technology, and they haven’t even finished rolling out yet (apparently)

    By the time any equipment to do this hits mainstream they could probably be stopped in a variety of ways though.

  2. Phin, would you be willing to put up a guest post? If so please email me. (I presume you can send to the email included in the “Mail” field.)

  3. Read the MIT paper – bit old but confirms what I’ve heard – hybrids probably no better at this stage of dev than efficient diesel (which I have)

    Also Australian cars should be using CNG not LPG until effective electric types come along.

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