back to the stone age…

Sorry it’s so quiet here at the moment. Unfortunately, we went over our download limit so it’s been back to dial-up for the past week. This means the big new post on tram route reform along a potential north-south rail corridor can’t be uploaded because my slow slow internet can’t handle the maps. Rest assured normal programming will resume in the next day or so.




3 Responses

  1. I hesitate to even find out how much gig I’ve been using lately. They just direct debit it and I can’t say I’ve checked.

    Its a shame that the St Georges Rd tram hasn’t turned into something like Glenelg – proper platform stops, rail speed track and so on. Also it should be extended up to Bell St

  2. Thanks Riccardo. That whole St Georges Rd – Epping line – High St section is a wasted opportunity. There’s no doubt St Georges Rd needs to become proper light rail – with more widely spaced platform stops, higher speeds and proper light priority. The last point should apply to all tram lines though.

    I’ve toyed with the idea of swapping the 86 and 112 at Miller St. Under this plan, the northern section of the 86 would head to St Georges Rd via Miller St and visa versa. Make a decent interchange with the Epping line by moving Thornbury station a couple of hundred metres north. The benefits are twofold – improving interchange facilities as well as giving the 86 a faster travel time if St Georges Rd were upgraded as you suggest. If you were really keen, the Holden St track could be rebuilt, allowing the 86 to use the potentially faster Nicholson St tracks.

  3. Did you see Holden St siding has been disconnected.

    The last of the quirky sidings are going – the Essendon siding, Holden St, it can’t be long before the beach siding at Middle Park goes

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