More Myki Madness

There’s been quite a bit in the press about Myki recently – Kenneth Davidson had an article on the weekend about how problems have become apparent at least two Auditor General’s office reports on public transport, including Myki. It’s very interesting indeed.

The Herald Sun (no I don’t read it – I came across the article on VICSIG) claims that the cost of Myki is poised to blow out further. I said a while back that for the sort of money Myki is costing (already $500 million) we could virtually afford to build heavy rail to Doncaster – if these claims are accurate, perhaps I should revise my estimates to include rail to Rowville via the Alamein line and Chadstone too!


3 Responses

  1. For some reason, the cost of the ticketing system has never dawned on pollies and bureaucrats as a cost – somehow we managed to pay the ticket office clerks back in the old days and never cared what it cost

    My own calculation is that for 200 stations, assuming one staff member each (morning shift) and maybe another 100 for stations that need more than one, and subtract a few from places like Officer. That makes 300. Assuming no more than $50,000 each, makes $150,000,000. The paper tickets themselves shouldn’t cost more than a million or two.

    How does this compare with Metcard or Myki?

    You could further improve this calculation by:

    -getting some platform based sellers of newpapers and lollies to offer tickets, maybe with an extra commission to discourage frequent travellers from doing this
    -putting some trainees/juniors on at lower rates
    -splitting some shifts (eg don’t sell tickets on a Thursday morning, no need, but put that shift on a Saturday afternoon/evening)

    Anyway you get the message.

  2. The opportunity cost for these sort of projects is something I find particularly interesting. It seems that DoI (or whoever comes up with this sort of stuff) simply doesn’t think about the alternatives and just makes excuses for doing nothing about the real problems. Perhaps I’m being too harsh though…

  3. I’ve wondered about the merits of restaffing the system. I reckon you could get it done for 10 years (the amount of time a ticketing system lasts in this city) for less than $500 million. It may well be more convenient too. I might have a look at the numbers again in the morning and see what turns up.

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