Myki mistakes

It’s good to see The Age asking whether Myki is money well spent. I wonder, though, why they aren’t looking at opportunity cost. Sure, people will be annoyed the the chief executive of Transport Ticketing Authority (TTA) spent $170 000 on overseas junkets over the past 18 months – but where’s the outrage that Myki’s $500 million pricetag hasn’t been spent on something more useful, like a railway line to Doncaster? I don’t have a problem with ticketing reform per se , but I don’t think it’s the best public transport project to throw half a billion dollars at right now.


3 Responses

  1. I think a swipe card system is bound for problems. Especially on melbourne’s under supported system. Think about it, you just need the machines at the destination station to be broken or without power and the poor customers end up getting charged full price for the network because “they” haven’t swiped off. Not too sure how inspectors will test if people have swiped on anyway.

    Just thinking about it doncaster would cost a bit more than 500m when you add the extra trains it would need right?, but myki running over schedule is likely to be over budget anyway.

  2. I’ve just recently come from a trip to London and I can tell you I can’t wait for the Myki to be available; surely I will buy one of the first ones. Not having to stuff around with tickets will be a godsend for occasional and semi-regular users.

    My personal solution to the swipe on/swipe off thing: Just finally get rid of the stupid zones already. Once you’ve done that, there’s no reason ever to swipe off a metropolitan service. (And wouldn’t it be a great way to encourage use of the things if they got rid of zones for Myki trips but not for Metcard trips.)

  3. There was a swipe system when I was in Warsaw 5 years ago (yes, backward post-communist Poland) and I was a big fan. As part of that system it was just like a paper ticket, but plastic, so there was no complicated mess about swiping off.

    Surely it would have made sense to start Myki off like that and then introduce the swipe off system once people got the hang of it. Or not at all.

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