Private companies investing in public transport infrastructure

Lynne Kosky said a couple of days ago that the government was looking at “creative” ways to finance public transport, including long term contracts, in which the private sector would pay for infrastructure. The implication is that this would reduce the public sector funding share.

The thing is, we heard all this sort of stuff about the private sector making public transport incredible at no cost to the taxpayer way back when trains and trams were first privatised in 1999. Look what happened (taken from the Auditor General’s 2005 report on franchising):



8 Responses

  1. Hardly a beautiful set of numbers…

  2. When the Kosk says “creative”, does she mean “raising the fares”?

  3. I assume ‘creative’ means anything that absolves them of political responsibility.

  4. […] Yet the opposite has occurred, the cost of running Melbourne’s public transport has skyrocketed, largely because the operators have behaved as rent-seekers. So much for the efficiency of […]

  5. I read creative the same way as “creative accounting” for which people in the USA have been sent to jail.

    If Kosky gets too creative I think that could be a fitting remedy too.

    I would rather “innovative” or even “using lateral thinking” or something like that.

    There are plenty of innovative ways of running the system – my blog has some of them! Like putting the fares up, putting congestion charges on all city roads, increasing the price of transport which is far too low in this country.

    Running 5 minute frequency services on all double lines and shuttles connecting from them at the single line transitions at whatever frequency the single line can handle.

    Fit the trains out like something you’d want to use, not like some public convenience. But remove most of the seats from the inner suburban cars, so that people can concentrate on getting ON the train, not having to wait for the next one.

    Plenty more – but they better not offer me the CEO job at DOI, I’d sack the lot of them and get people from overseas in.

  6. All good points Riccardo. There’s so much talk about connex being incompetent, yet there’s little of the DoI. They’re the ones making all the big decisions – connex basically puts stickers on the side of trains. It’s a department that needs a good clean out, that’s for sure.

  7. please try not to lie through manipulating words and making it seem good, though it’s bad.

    Write it bluntly and be done with it

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