Melbourne Rail System – 5 Year Plan

Here’s my 5 year plan for what needs to be done to Melbourne’s rail system. While some of the work would take more than 5 years to complete, I think it is feasible to have large parts of the plan finished within 5 years. I’m just posting a map of my plan for the moment, and I’ll go into the details of the changes (and costs) in the next few weeks.


New lines
1 Doncaster
2 Rowville via Chadstone and Monash
3 South Morang
4 Upfield to Roxburgh Park
5 Sunbury
6 Melton
7 4 tracks – Oakleigh to Huntingdale with flyovers
8 Flyovers at Jolimont yards to enable routing of trains to platforms 10-13
9 Duplication of Altona Branch
New Stations on existing lines
10 Newport West
11 Lyndhurst
12 Campbellfield
Service Changes
13 10 minute off peak daytime frequencies on all lines (where possible), with 20 minute frequencies beyond Ringwood, Dandenong, Roxburgh Park, Greensborough, Keon Park and Sunshine
14 Sandringham line through routed with Werribee and Williamstown
15 City Loop to become unidirectional. Northern and Clifton Hill loops to run clockwise, and Caulfield and Burnley loops to run anticlockwise.
15 Eltham – Hurstbridge to be run as shuttle



15 Responses

  1. Aaaahhhh, Preeety Colours! :p

  2. You would be stupid not to!

  3. Apparently Pete (my sisters boyfriend) read your blog and as a civil engineer he is going to pass it onto this guy he knows at work that has been working on the feasibility of extending the pt network..and would you like to do my sisters homework for a transport subject?

  4. It is interesting that you don’t mention building a new station on the Frankston line at the Southland Westfield

  5. Sorry about the late reply Adam – Southland does indeed need a properly integrated station at Bay Rd. I was looking at a more broad overview, so some things like individual stations may have been overlooked. Doesn’t mean I don’t think they should happen though!

  6. Add an airport link to this plan. Peter Batchelor himself said that it’s construction was 10 years away. But that was back in 2001 …. We are now in 2008, and given that planning and construction would take a minimum of 2 years you’d want to start spinning wheels. Especially with the increase in patronage and expansion plans for Melbourne airport, congestion and frequency of Skybus services and the fact that Brisbane’s Airtrain, built in 2002 has made multi-million profits for Queensland Rail in 2007.

  7. Are you deleting/consolidating stations on the Alamein leg of the new Rowville line?
    Does the loop or track capacity exist for extra trains running on Bel/Lil line to Camberwell?

  8. Dave, the Alamein line would need pretty much every station moved and rebuilt. I’d put stations at Riversdale Rd., Toorak Rd. and High St. This would see 2 stations removed.

    Although my map shows the line running via East Malvern, I’d prefer to close Alamein and run via Holmesglen.

    I need to look more closely at track capacity between Camberwell and Burnley. Assuming a 10 minute off peak frequency for both Ringwood and Rowville, there shouldn’t be big track capacity problems during the day. Peak hour is where it would get messy as the line has so many services.

    4 tracks would be ideal to Camberwell, and most of the work has been done already. This should really be done, but I’m not an expert by any means so maybe it would work without the extra track.

  9. Very clear and smart plan. I think the 4 tracks could be done to Camberwell, it’s just a matter of reasoning with the NIMBYs through Hawthorn. Slight/major (depends on options) alterations to Hawthorn, Glenferrie and Auburn (extra track platforms for each??). Prospect Hill and Riversdale Rds need to be grade seperated.

    Airport Link could double as a limted stops service for western group. Stop SX North Melb Footscray, Sunshine Airport West. New bus interchanges everywhere.

    Bus lanes down Springvale Stud Rds would help the Eastern/Bogan belt get to Knox and Eastland.

    Looks very achievable with a lot of scope for even more improvements.


  10. I do not understand why and how u add new lines to the current railways?

    1. from doncaster, they can catch a bus to go to box hill st or other way to heidelberg st. Why we need a new line for this area?

    2. the same to 1st idea with 2 tail branches available already

    3. the population around here must be really huge to extend the current railway, isnt it?? how much does it cost to build each kilometer of rail-line?

    For me, we should extend or add more trains on platform to Sydenham ( confirmed at flinders st station 😀 ), too crowded in peak hour, extending this line will be a really good idea due to the rising of population these western suburbs. In addition, i suggest a new line from camberwell( or Box Hill) to some places around Warrandyte.

    Just my idea…

    • Why trains and not more buses. Simple: buses do not compete well with cars; they r slow, added to this is the delays caused by changing from the bus to the train.
      As for pop. Melbourne’s pop. is many times what it was in 1930 and it needs it to stop the increase in pollution, trians will help.

  11. This is brilliant….I m with you 110%….my only suggestions:
    1. I am with Sean ld like to see an airport line…one could extend Upfield around from Roxborough Park
    2. I d like to see Cheltenham Station moved to Southland and Malvern station moved into a new residential retail extension to Malvern Central
    3. I d like to see Glen Waverley line extended to Knox City
    4. I d like to see express trains on the Werribee, Frankston, Belgrave, Lilydale trains
    good work!

  12. what a stupid web site all I want is to see a melbouren timetable, and everything (usless to me ) comes up fix the site and make a timetable available

  13. getting the trains in and out of the city loop will be very hard

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